Best Graduate Course to Become An IAS

IAS is more than a job but an opportunity in which there are immense possibilities of social welfare. The importance of the IAS exam is increasing year by year, as evidenced by the increasing number of applications in it.

UPSC Exam 2020

IAS is an opportunity more than a job in which social welfare has immense potential. Extreme rights and freedom to work has made this job very popular. The importance of IAS exam is increasing year by year, the proof of which is the increasing number of applications in it. The IAS exam takes place in two stages and there are different strategies for preparing for both phases.

Many candidates in the stanza dream of joining the Indian Administrative Service right from their school days, and from that time they are committed to preparing for this prestigious civil service. This trend is seen increasing in the last two years. Even in IAS coaching institutes, even before attaining graduation qualification, candidates can be seen enrolling for IAS exam preparation.

IAS: As a Career

Candidates who have not yet chosen the stream of graduation, have a general curiosity in their mind that which subject should be kept in the graduate which is helpful in preparing for the IAS Exam and can fulfill the dream of passing this difficult exam. No one can simply answer this curious question of candidates devoted to the goal, in such a way that the basic academic qualification for the IAS exam is graduation and various optional subjects are available in the IAS exam, which makes this exam from any background. Makes the game of general opportunity for the coming candidates whether the candidate is from technical background or humanities.

Below we have tried to answer this question by highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each subject in the light of choosing a subject eligible for IAS Exam

Social Science

The subject of humanities has traditionally been considered as a stronghold of the Civil Services Examination. If we look at the data mentioned in the annual report released by UPSC, we find that the success percentage of the candidates who opt for Humanities subject is higher than other subjects. In spite of this trend, the success ratio of candidates having humanities subject has decreased for some years. But in spite of all these factors, candidates from humanities background are being declared successful in large numbers.


In the present circumstances we can clearly see that the success ratio of candidates from engineering background has increased a lot. If we look at the IAS toppers of the last few years, then it is clear that candidates from engineering background have dominance in this exam. Although the success ratio of candidates who opt for engineering subject as elective subject is less than other subjects, it is clear from the observation that toppers have succeeded only by choosing technical subject. In this way, if a candidate not only wants to succeed but wants to see himself standing in the queue of IAS toppers, then on the basis of election and hard work of this subject, he can join himself in the queue.


A small but honorable number of science graduate candidates have been consistently successful in the IAS exam. However, their number is not so much that they can make an effective position in the subject elections for success. But in view of the increasing demand in scientific thinking and the bureaucratic system of technocrats, a slow and steady growth can definitely be seen.

Medical Science

The analogous medical science subject has not been considered as relevant in relation to the IAS exam. This is because very few people seeking this professional degree want to be part of the bureaucracy. But like the subject of Physics, the number of candidates of medical science background and success ratio is continuously increasing.

B.Com / MBA / BBA / CA / CS / CFA

All these degrees are considered professional in nature, so a small number of candidates from these areas are attracted to the IAS examination. But for the last few years we can definitely see an increase in the number of candidates from B.Com and MBA background. With the inclusion of CSAT (which focuses on logic, mathematics, data interpretation and decision making) in the IAS exam, candidates from B.Com and MBA backgrounds started thinking more seriously about the Civil Services Examination. In the coming days we should hope that their participation and success ratio will increase significantly.

The Conclusion

Absolutely after estimating past and present trends, it can be said that success in IAS depends only and only on the passion and interest of the candidate. Even in spite of choosing the streams and subjects that are said to be ideal for this exam, if you do not have a passion for the subject and preparation for the exam then it will not make any difference. With passion it is necessary that the subject you choose should be of your interest and inspire you to work hard. When it comes to preparing for the Civil Services Examination, there is no replacement for the hard work required for success in this exam.

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